Stash Box

A stash box with a personal touch!

First things first, assemble your supplies.

  • A box (Cigar works great, but you can also get new boxes at any craft store in the woodworking section.
  • Paper (in this case a ripped up kids book)
  • Decoupage (Paper Mod Podge) & a paint brush (I tend to like a softer brush so it doesn’t leave as many streaks.)
  • Sandpaper (Medium Grit, somewhere between 120 and 200.)
  • Water (the secret ingredient!)

It’s been a long week, and I forgot to get pictures of the paper soaking portion of this process. So here’s a preview of the next post, in which I use other pages from the same book!  I’ve been having trouble with my paper buckling, so a quick google search told me that the key to smooth decoupage is to wet the paper first!  So in it went into a pan of water, followed by a paper towel blotting.  I was skeptical about wetting the paper but it worked great.  (I recommend trying it with a boring page that you don’t plan to use just to make sure the paper will survive the dunking,  I didn’t. But I’m a rebel crafter, remember?)

The next step is to coat the box with Mod Podge, or your favorite decoupage goop.  I generally use the matte paper flavor when I’m working on wood, but if you like a glossy goop go nuts.  

I also cut out some of the words from the page and found a new spot for them to go.  (as I get the hang of documenting these things you’ll get to see all the details.  But you are a smarty, I’ll bet you can make a go of this part on your own.  I believe in you!)  After everything dries go back and add another layer.  2 if you’ve got the time and patience.  In a rare moment of patience I actually did this step!

I used an electric sander to remove the edges, but you can also just sand with any sandpaper.  The best method I have found is to sand in a downward motion over the edge of the box.  (In a pinch I’ve used a nail file for this step if I’m out of working sandpaper.)

Once the sanding is done, you can either leave it as is (which is what I did) or you can shine it up with the gloss of your choice.  I’m pretty psyched with how this one turned out, and in honor of recreational pot recently being legalized here in Massachusetts I thought a puffing theme would be fun.  (It’s not my jam per se, but I can think of about 25 people off hand who would dig this as a gift.)  Another note, this box was a cool find with a bunch of other cigar boxes at my local Savers, a second hand place whose proceeds go to support Big Brothers Big Sisters.  They make for a super easy project, so I’m always on the lookout for them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this page!  If you buy anything from the links that are included in this entry a small portion will go to helping keep this website up and running.  Which helps keep me sane, and helps you make awesome stuff. <3  

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