Way back in the olden days of 2013 I wanted to do a daily project update. It was a great idea and it worked for a long time but guess what happened in 2014? I had another kid and boy howdy is he exhausting. So as of now, the kids are 7 and 12, and while I’m still constantly working on something I’ve moved to a more casual posting schedule. 

Here’s the original project description:

Usually I am knitting or crocheting, but sometimes I am drawing or (on rare occasions) baking.  I have committed myself to posting a picture of at least one thing I have worked on each day for the year of 2013.  So far this has helped me to finish up projects that I have been working on for ages, as well as getting me to stay focused on one or 2 projects at a time.  Putting it up publicly has so far helped me stay on track.  So far so good!

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