*Click here to see the album of different fabrics!*

I’ve still got most of the fabric, so let’s talk. 😉

ALSO!  If you are looking to make your own, here is the pattern that I use.  I had never made a mask before learning this one. 😀

And if you do decide to make a mask, a pleating jig is a great way to speed up the process!  Here’s a link to the one that I printed and used.

Care and feeding of your polypropylene masks!

If you are wearing one of my masks, congratulations!  This mask is made with polypropylene paper, and protects the wearer as well as the people around them!  But for this added protection taking care of them is a little different than basic cloth masks.

1)      Best is to steam, either sanitary steam cycle on the dryer, or 10 minutes steaming on the stove/ rice cooker/ instant pot

2)      Bake in the oven 30 minutes at 160.  Riskier because people have been known to turn up the heat and melt them not knowing that someone else in the house is sanitizing.

3)      A gentle hand wash without a lot of agitation can be used, but it will lower the effectiveness of the polypropylene filtration sooner.  That being said, 2 layers of washed polypropylene and one of fabric will still be better than 2 layers of fabric alone.

** There is metal in the nose!  Do not microwave!! **

While I’m not “taking orders” per se, I am definitely making masks all the time and am happy to talk about making a batch.  The best way to do that is for someone to fill out the questionnaire below and check out the album above of different fabrics.  I try and update it as I get more, but there are a few that I am sadly out of. 

Although I am not charging for my masks, I have also been informed that I am not allowed to turn down donations. 😉   To the left is a button to make a donation via PayPal, and all donations go to supplies to keep sending masks to the local hospital, as well as for the kiddos at our schools.  (If you prefer venmo my username is @jennylisa over there.)  <3

I know at this point most people really want masks with ear loops.  But for those still into ties, here’s the video of me tying a mask!

And so here I am, messy hair and all in my dungeon!  Tie masks can be tricky, but they are safer.  Give it a try!

*Note* You can always add hair ties to the ends to make it easier to pop on and off!

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